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Yoga and Spirituality

"Yoga and Spirituality"

Yoga means union and spirituality means expansion.

Yoga is the beginning and spirituality is the goal.

Yoga is the discipline and spirituality is the practice.

No matter what we are doing in our life it is all to make us happy, healthy, and transcended to next level. Being spiritual means curios yet caring, compassionate yet joyful.

We align ourself to this universe by chanting Omkara before we start yoga practices. we meditate on mantras like panchakshari( om namaha shivaya), and dwadashakshari ( om namo bhagavate vasudevaya), contemplate on shanti, sukha, santhosha.

Few facts about spirituality.

The curious & caring eye will try to look for the truth.

Compassionate & content mind accepts reality so they can face the situation & move forward.

Spiritual people have a purpose in life, belief in god, and faith in themselves. All our religious rituals (Santana Dharma) are an effort to take us towards a spiritual path.

Prayers like

Gayatri mantra - Inspiring us to understand the supreme truth

“Asatoma Sadgamaya”- lead me from untruth to truth

Calming your mind can make you see things clearly. Contemplate and meditate on these mantras. Practice spirituality.

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